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Market FX, CDFs, Commodities FX, CDFs, Commodities and Stocks DAX, Dow, S&P500 and FX majors FX, CDFs, Commodities and Stocks
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Trading Room 1-month free live trading room
Private Mentoring 1 free face-to-face consultation
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Best Seller

The Ultimate Price Action Trading Guide is Amazon’s best-selling book on Price Action trading. With hundreds of reviews on Amazon, it has been ranked as the #1 New Release in its category.

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New Relase

The Quiet Trader is the first of its kind book combining modern philosphy with the principles of trading. It is not just a book to improve both your trading strategy and philosphy; it’s a book to show you a brand new way of thinking about trading. The Quiet Trader has also ranked as a #1 New Release in the Foreign Exchange category on Amazon.

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2 authors

The Ultimate Guide to Chart Patterns is a book I co-authored with Steve Burns. It is your ‘cheat sheet’ for making technical trading decisions. It shows you how to learn to spot trends early enough and act on them intelligently. This book contains an introduction to chart patterns and why they can take your trading to the next level. It also contains 21 detailed chart patterns with a historical example for every chart, an exit and entry suggestions, chart pattern trading tips and more.

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2 authors

The Ultimate Guide to Candlestick Chart Patterns is my second co-authored book with Steve Burns. It is an introduction to candlestick chart patterns and why they can take your trading to the next level, with 30+ detailed candlestick patterns and with a historical example for every chart. This book also includes exit and entry suggestions and candlestick chart pattern trading tips from two traders with over 40 years of trading experience.

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Trade Manager

Colibri Trader Pro is my personal trade manager that combines trading logic and years of trading experience. Once you open a trade, this trade manager will give you the option to set your own:

  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit 1 (Full or Partial)
  • Take Profit 2
  • Close all Orders Button
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Trading Room

Live trading and analysis will include the following trading instruments

  • FX Majors
  • DAX
  • Dow Jones
  • Gold
  • Crude

It is not a prerequisite, but usually students who have taken the DAX Daytrading Course have found to benefit most from the trading room, since the majority of the trades taken are based on this intraday strategy. Some of the best trades taken in this trading room have made phenomenal returns such as 1:15- 1:20 risk: reward.

*Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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Here is the only crypto trading course (The Unicorn System) that I have partnered with in the making. The course is developed for traders from all backgrounds- from beginners to intermediate. It is a step-to-step approach to winning in this crypto battle for investment success.

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This is the only trading platform that offers raindrop charts and probably the most flexible scanner for stocks ever created.

Read an intro ARTICLE or check out the 7-day free trial. Use 20% discount coupon when you subscribe: CT20

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